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3 Reasons Truck Drivers Should Hire An Attorney After An Accident

Being involved in an accident as a commercial truck driver is far different than one involving drivers who only hold basic automobile licenses. While drivers of typical motor vehicles may simply have their insurance company handle all the details after a crash, truck drivers often have to contend with far more legal issues and complications. While this can certainly work in a truck driver's favor, it is almost always best to hire a knowledgeable attorney who has years of experience defending commercial truck drivers in a variety of cases. Keep reading below for three reasons why retaining the services of such an attorney is hugely important. 

Black Box Data

Although most people probably hear of event data recorders (EDRs, or, as they are more commonly known, "black boxes") in the event of an accident involving an airplane, any commercial truck built in the last few decades has one installed too. An attorney who specializes in representing commercial truck drivers will be able to obtain the data produced by the black box and work with a driver to determine exactly how it affects all the parties involved. If, for example, the data shows that the accident was caused by a faulty component — itself the result of poor manufacturing or a negligent mechanic — this can go a long way toward proving the innocence of a driver. 

Insurance Coverage

An attorney is also an invaluable resource when trying to parse the complicated workings of commercial vehicle insurance. Unlike drivers who operate a vehicle under the coverage of a single policy, commercial truckers often have to deal with multiple insurance providers. This is primarily because the truck itself may be covered by an entirely different company than the trailer it is towing. Furthermore, many commercial truck accidents involve more than just two vehicles and drivers, making communication between insurance representatives that much more complicated and confusing. Hiring an attorney who has the ability to take all this on is one of the best decisions a trucker can make after an accident.


Finally, an attorney can work with drivers to provide proof to courts and insurance companies that all safety regulations were being followed. Charges of negligence are tough to fight without an attorney, but having one aggressively seek out evidence on your behalf make it far easier. A truck accident lawyer can work their hardest to show that you were following safety precautions, as well as all state and federal laws.