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What You Should Know About No Fault Auto Insurance

Did you just recently move to a state that has no-fault auto insurance, and you are not quite sure what that means if you are involved in a car accident? Here are some common questions you'll have about receiving compensation.

How Is No-Fault Insurance Different?

What makes no-fault insurance unique is that you do not make a claim against the other driver's auto insurance if you are involved in an auto accident. The claim is always against your own insurance, since it does not allow the other driver to be at fault from an insurance purpose standpoint.

What Losses Can You Claim Through No-Fault Insurance?

There are five main categories that you can receive compensation when using no-fault insurance. Your main benefit is going to be the medical coverage, which will provide you with your medical bill related losses. You can also request lost wages, though state laws may limit lost wages to a certain amount of years so that it does not continue to ever. You can also receive compensation to pay for what is known as replacement services. For example, if you are unable to cut your own grass due to your injury and have to hire a lawn care service, this could be covered as a replacement service. 

Other services included attendant care, which is when you need to bring in somebody to help you with your recovery for basic physical functions. You can also receive compensation for mileage used to attend a doctor's appointment and things of that nature related to your injury. 

What Is A Mini-Tort?

Even though no-fault insurance exists, it is still possible to sue the other driver for damages if they are at fault for causing the accident. This can help cover your personal expenses for insurance deductibles. The amount that is requested of the other driver is based on their percentage at fault. If your deductible is $500 and the other driver is 75% at fault, then you could request $375 through a mini-tort. 

Navigating an injury with no-fault insurance can be challenging, and you do not have to do it all on your own. Reach out to an injury lawyer in your area to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the different forms of compensation that you can receive. You may not be able to make a claim against the other driver's insurance, but that doesn't mean that you need to suffer financial losses. 

Looking to make a no-fault claim? Talk to a local insurance agent today to get started.