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Pursue A Case After A Birth Control Injury

For many people, birth control is a crucial component of their daily lives. Unfortunately, not all contraceptive options are safe for each person. People may experience personal injuries as a result of their contraception. This can stem from birth control pills, IUDs, and other devices.

Do you think you might have a strong case against a birth control manufacturer or medical professional? A personal injury lawyer may be able to help. This is what you need to know.

The Risks Factors of Birth Control

While most birth control options are relatively safe, there are some cases in which people use products unsafely, are given the wrong prescription, or are not properly screened before receiving medication. In some cases, the birth control is defective on its own.

For instance, some devices that are inserted into the body can be improperly inserted or placed. Other devices can be tampered with via sexual intercourse. Improper placement of these devices can lead to symptoms like inflammation, vaginal discharge, infections, nausea, and other health conditions. Some, like infection, can be deadly.

In the case of birth control pills, somebody may experience blood clots, stroke, and sometimes even death. The issues are very serious and can have devastating implications.

The Cause of These Problems

So, what causes many of these problems with birth control? Many of these problems stem from the presence of hormones like estrogen and progesterone increasing in the body. These hormones in the body can lead to side effects, many of which are harmless or simply uncomfortable.

The Next Steps After Injury

If you have experienced a personal injury because of issues linked to birth control, you have a few options to consider. You might pursue a personal injury case against a doctor who prescribed the medication in spite of knowing your health history. You might also pursue a case against a manufacturer who produced faulty or dangerous birth control.

Birth control is typically safe, but those who experience the consequences may learn that it is difficult to live with some of the effects, especially when they are long-lasting. You can pursue a case with the help of an attorney who understands its value and how to hold somebody responsible.

Think you might have a strong case? Now is a good time to consult with a personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help you establish a personal injury case and determine its value.