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Taking Pictures After An Accident Is Important

The value of a picture is limitless, especially with an auto accident claim. It does not matter if the victim is involved in a minor crash or a major collision — providing photographic evidence to support your claim is helpful. Learn more about capturing images and how to use them.

Capture Your Injuries

It is especially helpful to capture images of your injuries, particularly if you have any bruising, swelling, or other obvious physical injuries. Combining these images with your medical record can go a long way in proving your case. It is best to allow someone else to take these pictures for you. As an added tip, if you have any injuries that impact your mobility, capture a video that highlights your difficulty.

Highlight the Condition of the Vehicle

Try to take pictures of your vehicle. Depending on the accident scene, you may not be able to capture these images immediately, but once the vehicle has been towed, you, or a representative, should be able to access the lot and take pictures of the vehicle. Make sure you capture images from every angle of the vehicle so that you create an accurate depiction of the damage.

Remember That Smartphone Images Count

You do not need to be a professional photographer to capture these images. If you have a smartphone on hand, you can use it to capture any images you need. Not only is a smartphone convenient to use, but the phone will place an automatic time stamp on the images so you do not have to worry about proving that they are current images. After you collect the images, be sure to save them to your cloud storage so that you do not lose them.

Notify Your Attorney

It does not matter how helpful your pictures are when it comes to an auto accident claim, as there is a legal process involved with submitting these photos as evidence. It is important that you let your attorney know right away that you have these pictures so that he or she can ensure that the images are properly listed as evidence. Otherwise, if you wait and your claim ends up going to court, you may be unable to submit the photos as evidence.

Although it is helpful to capture as many images as you can, the most important thing is that you remain safe, so only take pictures that you can safely collect.

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