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When The Fault Of A Motorcycle Accident Isn't Clear

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, there are cases where the individual who is at fault for the motorcycle accident isn't entirely clear. For example, you might crash into the other party after you are almost involved in an accident with a wild animal. Many animals run across the street and they can be very dangerous for a motorcyclist. However, the act of trying to avoid an animal can cause you to have another collision.

Motorcycle Collisions in Which the Party at Fault Isn't Clear

Even when there are no other vehicles involved in the accident, motorcyclists can die from trying to avoid animals on the road. The act of swerving out of the way can easily lead to the motorcyclist falling off their motorcycle.

If you collide with another vehicle, the other motorist might try to hold you responsible for the accident. However, you could often safely argue that you had no choice but to swerve out of the way of the wild animal. 

Also, the other driver might not have been careful during the accident. For example, the driver might have been drunk and speeding. If you were forced to come to a stop due to an animal suddenly running across the street, the fact that the driver was tailgating you might have contributed to the accident.

The Legal Battle

Most likely, the other driver and their insurance provider will try to hold you responsible for the accident. For this reason, you will want to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney so you can try to settle your case out of court. In most cases, settling your case out of court is a better decision because many juries are unfortunately biased against motorcyclists. However, if the driver refuses to settle out of court, you may be forced to fight your case in court.

Settling out of court is also a better option because it is less expensive and often doesn't take as long. Courts are often backlogged and won't be able to get to your case right away. However, a conversation with a motorcycle accident attorney can help you determine what steps would be the best to take.

If neither you or the other party are considered to be at fault, you should still consult with a motorcycle accident attorney. You may have a claim with your own insurance provider that an attorney can help guide you through.