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Types Of Damages A Personal Injury Lawyer Seeks In A Slip And Fall Case

Slipping and falling on ice or other slippery areas isn't just an embarrassing situation — it can also be a damaging one that causes a broad array of different physical and emotional struggles. Therefore, it is often a good idea for those who are experiencing this type of situation to reach out to a high-quality personal injury attorney to learn more about what types of damages they can expect.

Personal Injuries Can Be Quite Severe

Personal injuries come in many different types, including slip and fall cases. These occur when somebody slips on a surface a business owns, such as a floor or their sidewalk. When this type of case occurs, an individual may experience a pretty broad range of injury symptoms that can be quite upsetting and which may be very hard to tolerate in many situations.

For example, falls on the ice can cause hip injuries, various types of sprains throughout the body, and even an array of difficult back damage that may end up making a person need medical treatment. Some may even end up being out of work for extended periods, which may necessitate the use of a high-quality lawsuit to claim damages that a person deserves for this personal injury type.

Damages to Expect

When slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk, the plaintiff can expect to recover damages, such as coverage for their medical treatment, any income that they may lose if they can't work, and any emotional suffering triggered as a result. It is often hard to prove that a person suffered emotional damage as a result of slipping and falling, though, so it is important to keep this factor in mind.

However, a personal injury lawyer can also help an individual decide if punitive damages are a good option for their situation. In cases where the defendant made an honest mistake that still caused injury, punitive damages are unlikely. For example, someone who didn't take care of ice on a sidewalk may not be punitive. But if they refused to remove the ice in an attempt to injure others, the case may have this type of claim.

The complexities of slip and fall cases of this type make it necessary to reach out to an attorney like Bangel, Bangel & Bangel who can help sort through any confusions. Legal professionals have years of experience working on various types of cases like these and can provide high-quality cases for both the plaintiff and the defense in such cases, making it a good idea to consider these individuals whenever slipping and falling.