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A Workers Compensation Attorney Represents Clients Injured In Same-Level Falls

A person working in an occupation that is not considered hazardous can hardly imagine being injured at work. Yet many falling injuries occur in these settings every year. The employee may need time off to recover from a serious fracture or another injury. Workers' compensation should cover some of the lost wages. If the employer or insurer disputes the claim, hiring a workers' compensation lawyer may become necessary.

Same-Level Falls

People typically think of injuries occurring when someone falls from a height. However, a large number of incidents involve falling on one level. An example would be someone slipping on a wet floor in the break room. A tear in carpeting can cause an employee to trip. A slippery exterior concrete sidewalk also can result in a tumble. 

Relevant Statistics

In a given year, some 185,000 workers are injured and miss work because of falling on the same level. Wrist and arm fractures are common in these incidents as people instinctively use an arm to break the fall. If the person was carrying something, the landing may be more awkward and cause a back or head injury. Slipping and falling backward also increases this risk.

Claim Validity

Benefits are supposed to be paid when the person would not have been injured except for the workplace conditions or the job requirements. Thus, a claim for an employee who slipped in the workplace parking lot should be valid. If the employee was on lunch break and slipped on wet flooring in the vending machine room, the claim should still be paid.

Financial Considerations

Although the employee's medical insurance could pay the bills, this person would still be responsible for the deductible and any co-pay amounts. In contrast, workers' comp pays all of the costs. In addition, this person probably does not want to use all the vacation, personal days, and sick days for income after the injury.

Dispute Resolution

Some insurers attempt to deny these claims, citing the person's distraction or carelessness. The attorney and benefits provider may set up a dispute resolution conference for the lawyer and employee to attend together. The employee gains a significant advantage by having legal representation. The attorney knows the relevant laws and is experienced in successfully resolving these cases so clients can receive their money.

Injured employees dealing with a disputed claim may reach out to a workers' compensation lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation.

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