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Accident Claim Denied? Don't Stop Now

It's all too easy to feel dejected after you've been through something like a car accident. Almost anyone can be deeply affected by the trauma of an accident, physical injury, and the prospect of healing and making things right again. Unfortunately, the time immediately after an accident is usually when victims come to realize that their insurance is not on their side. Read about some common claim denial scenarios and how to handle them so you can be paid what you deserve.

Claim Denied Due To Preexisting Conditions

After an accident, your insurance provider may ask you to provide medical records that cover more than just the most recent accident. If the insurer is asking for historical records, they are probably trying to tie your accident injuries to a previous incident or condition from the past. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will be helpful to refute any allegations by showing how you were injured in the most recent accident. Also, you don't have to consent to the other party involved in the incident if they request your medical records – so don't.

Claim Denied Due To Failure To Mitigate

This denial issue rests on the premise that accident injuries and the effect they have on victims can worsen without proper medical care. That is why it's so important for victims to seek immediate medical attention after an accident and follow all medical advice. If you felt ok after the accident but then began noticing problems, see a doctor as soon as you can.

Claims Ignored

Some insurers may be difficult to deal with. They can be hard to contact, fail to return calls, be rude to victims, and so much more. Some accident victims get frustrated and give up – and that is exactly what these insurers want you to do. Instead of giving up, speak to a personal injury lawyer about your problems communicating with your insurance company. A lawyer will communicate with the insurers for you. The insurer knowing that you have legal representation is sometimes all it takes to get your claim back on track again.

Offered An Inadequate Settlement

Some victims are so financially desperate that they accept a too-low offer from the insurer. The insurer hopes you will accept a smaller payout because a settlement makes the entire case go away immediately. Since few victims are aware of what they deserve to be paid and how to obtain that compensation it is smart to hold off agreeing to a settlement without first speaking to a personal injury lawyer.

Unfortunately, the above problems with insurers are far from rare. If you are having problems with your accident claim, reach out to experienced car accident attorneys who can help get you on the right track.