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How An Underride Accident Occurs

One of the worst accidents that you can experience when you're driving a small car is an underride accident. This is when your car accidentally goes under the commercial truck. This can do severe damage to your vehicle, cause severe injuries, and is often fatal. If you survive an underride accident, you will need to speak with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

The Results of an Underride Accident

After this type of accident, you will likely have the roof of your car completely sheared off. Oftentimes, cars catch on fire after this type of accident. The amount of damage is so severe due to the size and weight of a commercial truck.

Liability After an Underride Accident

To receive compensation for your injuries following an underride accident, you must prove that the other driver was negligent. Unfortunately, depending on the conditions of the accident, the driver might be able to argue that they couldn't possibly see you due to your position. However, drivers are expected to be very careful when operating a commercial truck and are trained heavily.

How the driver is trained is an important part of your case because you may be able to file a claim against the employer for being negligent when hiring a driver who does not have the necessary credentials and failing to train the driver. Drivers have vicarious liability for the accidents caused by their drivers.

When the Driver Is Liable

If the driver is not paying attention or is under the influence of alcohol, they might not notice your car and change lanes leading to your car ending up under the underside. Some drivers are also placed under pressure to deliver on time and may be hurrying so much that they do not notice you right before the accident.

Protective Guards

Special protective guards are put in place to make sure that trucks minimize damage to other vehicles when colliding with them. These guards can also lead to lower insurance rates. If the commercial trucking company does not put these protective guards in place, your attorney may make the argument that failing to put these guards in place was a form of negligence.

Compensation for Your Injuries

Commercial wrecks often lead to very serious injuries and you will need to seek medical treatment immediately regardless of whether you can afford it. Then, your commercial vehicle accident attorney will assist you in paying for your medical bills.

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