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Involved In A Wreck With A Commercial Vehicle? 3 Facts You Need To Know

While all auto accidents share some common traits, wrecks that involve commercial vehicles can also have significant differences. Understanding these differences can be the key to securing all of the compensation you are entitled to after being injured in an accident that involved a commercial vehicle. Taking the time to review the three facts outlined below and choosing to work closely with a commercial vehicle wreck attorney can ensure you understand these key differences and ultimately receive every dollar that you are entitled to for your injuries. 

1. Commercial Vehicle Drivers Must Adhere To A Strict Set Of Rules When Driving

When it comes to how many hours you can drive at a time or how many hours of sleep you must get before hitting the road, the only real rules you need to follow as a traditional driver are those that are imposed by your own physical abilities and common sense. This is not the case for commercial drivers.

Because these drivers routinely operate vehicles that are capable of causing great harm if handle negligently, the law sets forth a set of very strict rules regarding a driver's actions both on and off the road. If the commercial driver who hit you did so as a result of failing to comply with these rules of the road, you may be entitled to additional compensation. Consulting a commercial vehicle wreck attorney concerning your case will help you to better understand these rules and determine if this scenario applies to your specific case. 

2. There May Be More Than One Source Of Compensation To Pursue In Your Case

When you are involved in an accident with another passenger vehicle, you will typically collect all of your compensation from a single source. This source will most likely be the other driver's insurance company. 

When settling a claim for compensation following an accident with a commercial vehicle, there can be multiple sources of compensation available to you. For instance, in addition to filing a claim against the insurance company, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against the commercial truck driver and/or their employer as well. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to assist you in identifying all potential sources of compensation and developing a game plan to maximize your ability to collect from each of these sources. 

3. Commercial Drivers Will Likely Be Represented By An Attorney

Still not sure about your need to hire a commercial vehicle wreck attorney? Well, unlike traditional drivers who are typically represented solely by their insurance company, commercial drivers often have their own legal counsel provided through their employer. Consequently, the only way to truly ensure you are operating on a level playing field is to seek legal counsel of your own. 

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