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Can You Wait Until You Recover Before Hiring An Auto Accident Lawyer?

If you're involved in a car accident, the main priority is to receive treatment and recuperate. This can take months or even a year before you're fully fit. While you're recovering, bills will accumulate, and you'll have to settle them. 

Understandably, you might choose to forego an auto accident lawyer until you're fit and can handle the bills. But, should you wait that long? You can, but remember there is a time limit. Here are some facts to remember. 

You Can Hire an Attorney at Any Time

No rule states when you have to hire an auto accident attorney. You can hire your attorney immediately after the accident or weeks, or even months, after the accident. However, waiting is never a good idea. 

You can also decide to hire your auto accident lawyer a week before the case begins, but this puts your attorney at a significant disadvantage as they will have less time to prepare. Your lawyer requires ample time to prepare, so if you wait until a few days before trial, you'll start the lawsuit on the wrong foot. 

Similarly, you can choose to wait until a few months or weeks before the statute of limitation lapses to file your lawsuit. This time can vary from state to state. But the longer you wait, the more can go wrong.

Instead of waiting for the deadline, engage an experienced auto accident lawyer to handle your legal problems. If you miss the deadline, the judge can dismiss the case. The statute of limitation is there for a reason, and you'll have to abide by it. 

You Can Hire a Lawyer Without Funds

An auto accident lawyer may take on your case pro bono. If not, you can hire an auto accident lawyer on a contingency basis. They only receive a payment if they win the case. Most people wait years to file a lawsuit because they lack the funds to pay lawyers. 

In such cases, the insurance company can offer a settlement hoping that you'll take it. If you do, there is always a caveat that you can't sue them once the case is settled. If you have internal injuries that require further medical attention, that's on you. The same applies if your car develops problems. 

You can avoid these issues by seeking the counsel of an auto accident attorney. They'll recommend the best alternative based on their experience and facts of the case. Therefore, don't wait because you don't have funds. Instead, hire an auto accident attorney on a contingency basis. Continue to recuperate in peace as your attorney handles your case. 

For more information, contact a local auto accident attorney.