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Avoiding Court? 3 Reasons You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you've been injured due to the actions or inactions of another party, you undoubtedly have many worries. And because most Americans aren't familiar with the personal injury legal system, one of those worries may be about having to take that party to court. But getting a lawyer doesn't necessarily equate to heading to court. In fact, it could help you avoid that. Here are a few reasons why. 

1. Many Cases Resolve Through Negotiation

Negotiation with the insurer or liable party is one of the most common ways that personal injury suits are resolved. 

Reaching a settlement for compensation from the other side often gets a bad rap, sounding like a loss for the victim. But in fact, negotiated settlements save you time, fees, and stress while providing significant compensation — possibly even close to what you might ask for in court. And you do it without setting foot in a courtroom. 

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Help

If straight negotiation doesn't work out, you can take advantage of what's known as alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR includes mediation, arbitration, and other methods to negotiate with the help of third parties. 

Mediation and other ADR approaches keep you out of court by locating independent experts — such as professional mediators, former judges, or counselors — who will guide you and the opposing party through negotiations to find a compromise that everyone can accept. Your attorneys may work with ADR professionals or they may assist you in working through your own ADR meetings. 

3. You Must Know Your Rights to Protect Them

Even if you never intend to go — or don't end up going — to formal court, a lawyer still helps you protect your rights. The legal system is complex, and many accident victims don't have the time or experience to understand it all on their own. 

A qualified personal injury attorney knows what you have a right to know, to keep private, and negotiate over. They'll help you build a strong case that improves your ability to negotiate. And they will work with you to find a means to get compensation amounts that you can live with. 

Where to Learn More

If worry over having to appear in court before a judge or jury is holding you back from getting the damage compensation you need to recover, start by discussing your concerns with a personal injury attorney in your state. You may find that you have a variety of choices and routes to take in order to get what you deserve. Call today to make an appointment.