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Filing An Accident Claim With Fedex: There Is A Lot To Learn

A collision with a FedEx truck is a scary scenario. These trucks are massive and often travel with heavy loads, which further adds to their danger. Consequently, drivers hit by these commercial vehicles have every right to seek legal compensation for the accident's damage. Learn more about the legal process if you or a loved one were hit by one of these vehicles.

FedEx Structure

There is a bit of complexity when determining with whom you file an accident claim. Just because the vehicle has the FedEx logo does not mean your lawsuit will be filed with the company. First, this corporation has two entities: FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight. The entity with which you were involved in the collision will be the company you have to file your claim with. 

FedEx also does not hire every vehicle driver. A number of their operators work as independent contractors. This independent contractor status means the company is not responsible for the driver's actions. As a result, you would need to file your claim against the driver's policy. 

Range of Negligence

Commercial drivers are often held to a higher standard. As a result, driver negligence can surface in several ways. For example, CDL drivers may lose their license if they engage in certain activities, such as being involved in multiple serious accidents or being convicted of an alcohol-related offense. 

If FedEx allows a driver to continue to operate that is guilty of these violations, both the driver and the company can be found negligent. FedEx drivers can also be liable if they operate their vehicle fatigued, operate with an unbalanced load, and engage in distracting activities, such as texting and driving. 

Complex Battle

It would be unfair not to address the fact that FedEx is a massive corporation. As you might imagine, given its power, there is also a team of legal professionals working to protect its assets. These attorneys can also play a role in the claims process. 

Not only is it vital that you also have representation, but it is critically important for you to stay on top of your case. From not staying on target with your doctor appointments and medical treatments to failing to submit paperwork and other documents as required, you want to avoid any issues that can delay your claim.

The assistance of an attorney is advised whenever there is an accident that involves a commercial vehicle. Talk with a FedEx truck accident lawyer to learn more.